Legend of Italian and World Football and Now a Buddhist: The New Life of Roberto Baggio

Legend of Italian and World Football and now a Buddhist: The New Life of Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio (Credit: Getty Images)

To talk about Roberto Baggio is to talk about a legend and historical reference for Italian football and also at a global level. Baggio is a former player who played in Italian Serie A clubs such as Brescia, AC Milan, Fiorentina, and Juventus Turin, in addition to having been runner-up in the world with the Azzurra squad and winner of the Ballon d’Or in the year of 1993.

Nowadays Baggio is completely away from the world of sports and enjoys his free time with his family, in the countryside, on the outskirts of the city of Vicenza, a place where he chose to live and work in agriculture and be able to be more close to nature.

Idol and figure among Italians

The former player was once again in the headlines of the sports media in recent days, after having made a publication on his official Instagram account in which he completely surprised his followers with an image of him with long hair and a few extra kilograms. “Coming soon… Narcos 4″, the Italian wrote jokingly because of his resemblance to the characters in the series and later showed his true figure, as he looks like today, confirming that everything was a simple joke for Baggio.

Some of Baggio’s fans took this publication as a simple joke, joke, while others asked the legendary former player to return to Italian football in the role he likes the most but to return since he is considered one of the idols of the entire country. But the reality is that at 57 years of age, Roberto does not want to know anything about the world of sports and it seems especially about football.

Baggio’s news is very far from football

He retired as a professional in 2004 and in statements to the media Il Foglio, Baggio revealed that the end of his career was triggered by the peace party in the city of Rome, which starred Pope Francis and which also had the participation of the Argentine idol Diego Armando Maradona.

“It had to be played on September 1, a Monday. I was training for three months. I went to Bologna three times a week to be in shape for that day. It was Friday night, and it had to be the last training session before the game. I got injured when I tried to take free throws. On the third shot, I injured my muscle. I went to Rome, although I couldn’t even walk. I couldn’t miss that day. I only played the first part, but it was enormous suffering. I said enough, without concessions,” Roberto confessed.

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“Today my happiness is waking up in the morning in the middle of Mother Earth. I am satisfied and full inside. Appreciating the little things makes me feel good. For decades I ignored inner suffering, but now I face it thanks to Buddhism. This is how I get over everything, enough of the complaints and excuses. I squandered too much time there,” were the words of the Italian, who is the most remembered number to date from the 1994 World Cup in the United States after missing the decisive penalty in the series against Brazil.

Buddhism came into his life

The approach to the world of Buddhism for Roberto Baggio took place during his time defending the colors of Fiorentina, just when his friend Fabrizio Boldrini, who was a practitioner of said religion, saw him lost in the midst of his physical problems and constant injuries and took the decision to help him. Buddhism changed Roberto’s life completely, and in one of his publications he left it for granted when photographed at the inauguration of a square in the city of Florence that he received as a baptism, the name of a teacher of said religion.

Baggio played a total of 643 games where he was able to score 291 goals, also being the 4th highest scorer in the entire history of the Italian national team; He currently lives his life in the most peaceful way, away from noise, surrounded by nature and it is very common to see him taking rides in his 4 × 4 car and hunting. His family became the most important and number one thing in his life, so his comment about his happiness, which is based on the simple and internal, became a reality day by day.

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