Belgium Redeems Itself in a Great Match Against Romania

Belgium vs Romania in Euro Cup 2024
Belgium vs Romania in Euro Cup 2024 (Credit: Getty Images)

Belgium beat Romania and the group is stuck with the four teams tied on three points and everything pending for the last day. In a very interesting match, with the Belgian team unleashed from the beginning to heal the wounds of their defeat against Slovakia, the Red Devils had to wait almost until the end to certify the victory because the Romanians, pacific in the first half, responded in the second and they were able to tie.

There is no shirt in the Euro Cup that reflects the effort as much as Belgium’s. It may be because of the color, it may be because of the material with which it is made, but the impression is that the Belgian players sweat profusely. They play against Romania, and their rivals’ shoes look brand new, while theirs, after five minutes, are already dripping. Lukaku seems to come out of a sauna; Doku, who is the Belgian Nico Williams, also with dreadlocks, also overflowing again and again on the left, is as if after bathing in the pool. Even Kevin De Bruyne, the total footballer, as heavy on his shoulders as he is creative in his movements, gives the perception of playing in Saudi Arabia, and not under the pleasant 21 degrees of Cologne.

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But perhaps it is that the effort reflected on the shirts is a mirror of what happens on the pitch, because the Belgians, with the entire royal family in the stands, go out onto the field to eat Romania in bites, from the first minute, and before the second was up, they have a reward in a play that De Bruyne starts, Doku extends, Lukaku points with his back to the goal and Tielemans finishes at 115 kilometers per hour, and with the ball spinning at five revolutions per second, according to Their sensors count, so that Nita can do nothing.

Angry, hurt by the defeat at the start, and in need of the three points, the Belgian Devils appeared in the game with unusual intensity, with changes in the team, a different system, and a lot of desire. So many that the Romanians, except in the reaction after the goal, could barely respond to the attacking hell of the Belgians. Dragusin had a header 2 minutes later, and then it was a monologue from Belgium in the first half.

Kevin de Bruyne wins the POTM

First, it was Lukaku who threatened by moving around in the area on a clear occasion; Then De Bruyne starred in a brilliant drive, which he gave to Lukebakio to make Nita work. The Belgian whirlwind devastated Romania, which tried to get out but could not. The ball always circulated near the Romanian area and the Belgians lacked the fortune in the first half to score another goal.

But the second half, with both teams looking to score, became an extraordinary spectacle. A couple of Belgian errors allowed Romania to get dangerously close to the open field. After an error by Onana, Mihaila was able to tie, but De Bruyne responded with two long shots that threatened Nita’s goal.

Then it came to Lukaku’s third disallowed goal in the two games he has played. The forward became desperate after a run from midfield that ended up in the net, but the VAR was frustrated. He had another from the Roma player, after another assist from De Bruyne, who had no choice but to be in charge of giving peace to Belgium in an action in which he played Lukaku, running for a ball, which after the throw-in long by Casteels, he combed back a Romanian defender.

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