Brazil and Costa Rica Agreed to a Tie at the Start of Group D in the Copa America

Brazil vs Costa Rica
Brazil vs Costa Rica (Credit: Getty Images)

The goalkeeper of the Costa Rican national team, Patrick Sequeira, became the man of the match in the confrontation between ‘Ticos’ and the yellow-green squad of Brazil, in what was the first Group D match in the Copa America of the year ongoing event taking place in the United States.

Costa Rica achieved a historic draw with a score of 0 to 0. The match was quite close at first, but controversial and controversial in the eyes of the main judge of the match, the Mexican César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos. Brazil began the match dominating and taking control of the ball with various attacks on the opposing goal from all sectors of the playing field, where the Real Madrid forwards, Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior, and the Barcelona Football Club forward, Raphinha, were simply having a performance. impressive and full of domain without major problems.

Controversy and controversy took over the first half

The 33rd minute of the match would arrive and the first action that aroused controversy in the match came when the Brazilian forward, Raphinha, sent a cross to the center of the Costa Rica area so that Rodrygo simply ‘combed’ the ball and placed it in the ‘ethical’ networks. Taking advantage of the momentum, Marquinhos would be in charge of sending the ball into the back of the rival goal. However, after the intervention of the VAR, the score ended up being annulled in its entirety due to an offside action by the South American defender.

The first half of the match had not yet come to an end and the name of the main judge, Ramos Palazuelos, was once again the protagonist of the night, since after a cross into the area, the ball hit the hand of the Costa Rican defender. Juan Pablo Vargas, but the Aztec referee did not point out the infraction and did not go to the VAR to resolve this situation.

The second half began and both teams were looking to open the scoreboard, but the dynamic shown at the beginning was maintained for the second half, and it was then when an accurate shot by Lucas Paqueta crashed against the post at minute 63 of the game. and in this way, the five-time world champions came close to breaking zero on the scoreboard and taking the lead.

Brazil was showing signs of desperation in the final minutes of the game and Costa Rica strengthened its defense, trying to stop the incessant offensive onslaught of the Brazilian players by all possible means. The green and yellow made changes seeking to make a difference in the final stage of the match.

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Vinicius Junior left the game and immediately Patrick Sequeira, goalkeeper of the Costa Rican national team, prevented an own goal, once again saving the ‘Ticos’ from falling in the final score.

Anxiety and total tension took over the final minutes of the match and not a soul present in the stands of SoFi Stadium moved at all, but finally, Costa Rica was able to resist the tie and at the moment of the final whistle, everything was joy and celebrations for the historic draw they achieved, and the counterpart were the faces of disappointment on the part of the Brazilian national team.

What’s next for Brazil and Costa Rica?

For Matchday 2 of Group D of the Copa America 2024, Brazil will be facing a hurt Paraguay team that fell in its debut with a score of 2 goals to 1, while Costa Rica will measure strength against Colombia which has accumulated 24 undefeated games. and she arrives inspired by her extensive dominance against the ‘Ticos’ on the opening day.

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