Ferrari Presented the Car That Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Will Drive in the Miami Grand Prix

Ferrari presented the car that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will drive in the Miami Grand Prix
Miami Grand Prix (Credit: Getty Images)

The Miami Grand Prix will arrive next weekend and Formula 1 will have the first of the three races on the 2024 calendar in the United States the Hard Rock Stadium will witness what will be the new colors both in uniformity and in the car for part of the Italian Maranello team, Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc and the Spanish Carlos Sainz will be wearing new colors as part of the 70th anniversary of the Italian brand coming to life on American soil and will try by all means to stop the great season that the Dutch Red Bull driver is having so far Racing, Max Verstappen.

Blue replaced red in several parts

The Maranello team will be wearing its new colors from Friday, the day of the first round of practice until the race on Sunday, and the cars will also wear the blue color in two shades, which are Azzurro Dino and Azzurro La Plata. In the design of the car, it can be seen on the front spoiler, on the side pods, and also on the front part of the halo. It should also be noted that there are details even in the smallest part of the car and this includes the rearview mirrors along with the numbers of each of the men in charge of driving, on the tires, just as it happened in the years 60.

According to information from the Italian team, the special decoration commemorates memories of the cars and sports cars presented in due course by the American Ferrari importer, Luigi Chinetti, but which at that time was made under the brand name NART (North American). Racing Team). In addition, it must be remembered that both the pilots who will be wearing a flame-resistant suits, as well as the mechanics, will use clothing with the renewed colors in this Miami Grand Prix.

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The presentation of the aforementioned design was one that evidently did not go unnoticed by the team’s fans and through social networks they let know their thoughts and feelings regarding the new blue that Ferrari will experience, leaving behind the traditional red: “Is all this promotion just for this?”, indicated one user, while others mentioned the following: “I can barely see the blue! “We all wanted a completely blue car!”

Various opinions on the new design and colors

Approximately almost a million views had the video of the reveal of the new car that Ferrari will have in the upcoming Miami Grand Prix in the current Formula 1 season and many responses that, although the majority were of discontent and disappointment, were also There were messages of support and in a tone of giving a chance to the new blue tone in the colors of the Italian team.

However, there were much stronger, direct, and blunt messages from fans of the traditional red team, who described the new colors with adjectives such as “horrible” and “embarrassing” when appreciating the car’s designs and the uniformity of the team.

”The next Miami Grand Prix will be unforgettable in the history of our team, as in Florida we will celebrate our heritage through a unique livery, rediscovering two colors that are factors of our history,” said Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur.

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