Ferrari will Change Colors for the Miami Grand Prix and Pay Tribute to Argentina

Ferrari will change colors for the Miami Grand Prix and pay tribute to Argentina
Miami Grand Prix (Credit: Getty Images)

This coming May 5th the Miami Grand Prix will be taking place on what will be the new day of Formula 1 and this will be a special one for the red Maranello team, Ferrari, since the most famous and winning team in the history of the highest category of motorsports, will be changing its unique and emblematic red color for a special design that it already used 60 years ago.

This will be happening as a consequence of the 70 years of the Italian brand living in the United States, which this season will once again have three Grand Prix.

The Historical Colors to Wear in Miami

The red team made the official announcement through social networks and it was also known on the team’s official website that on the weekend of May 3 to 5, Ferrari will be using the blue color in two shades, the Azzurro Dino and the Azzurro La Plata; In this way, the SF-24 piloted by the native of Monaco Charles Leclerc and the Spanish Carlos Sainz can be seen in the city of Miami.

The Azzurro Dino is a much deeper shade of blue that was worn by several drivers who worked at Ferrari in the past such as Arturo Merzario and Clay Rgazzoni, this being the last driver to wear it in 1974. The blue was worn the same way by the factory employees and also their mechanics.

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While the lighter blue of the two, the Azzurro La Plata will have a small tribute to Argentina. The Ferrari leadership made it known that this tone was chosen because it was “the national color of Argentine racing.” We must remember that in the 40s and 50s countries were seen and identified by the colors on their cars and in Argentina they wore blue and white.

History Between Ferrari and Argentina

The union that exists between Ferrari and the southern nation dates back to July 14, 1951, when Froilán González gave the team its first victory in Formula 1 at the Silverstone circuit. ‘Pepe’ was also the winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1956. And Carlos Alberto Reutemann was victorious 5 times in Grand Prix defending the Ferrari colors.

Ferrari had already used blue tones in the United States and it was precisely in 1964 and there is a story about that date since Enzo Ferrari himself was very upset since the International Federation of Motorsports Sports (FISA), which was in charge of the FIA ​​races, it did not homologate the 250 LM for the Endurance competitions and seek to win again in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Ferrari got angry and somewhat followed through on its threat to withdraw the red team from racing. It was in this way that in the last 2 days of the 1964 season, Ferrari appeared in Mexico and the United States, but registered under the name of North American Racing Team, better known by its acronym NART, a team that was founded by Luigi Chinetti, the largest Ferrari importer on American soil.

The F158 cars of John Surtees and Lorenzo Bandini had white and blue decorations. There is less and less time left until the race in Miami arrives and the new special design of the Maranello team can be appreciated, which means that the race is already beginning to be experienced with a lot of excitement and expectation in the world of Formula 1.

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