Henry Martín will Continue With América for the Next 3 years

Henry Martín (Credit: Getty Images)

Henry Martín finally ended the novel of his continuity with América by renewing his contract for the next three years with the Águilas, in a negotiation where the Yucatecan attacker prioritized sporting objectives such as continuing to fight for the title with the Coapa team and staying on the radar of the Mexican National Team for the 2026 World Cup, instead of financially, taking into account that in Arabia they offered him double what he will receive in the Mexican team.

According to versions close to América worthy of all credit to which La Opinión had access this Friday, Martín signed his signature with the Coapa team in an amount of around $9 million dollars ($50 million Mexican pesos) for the three years, which automatically makes him one of the highest paid players in Liga MX.

As you will remember, this matter of the renewal of the forward who emerged to professionalism in the organization of the Venados de Yucatán in the extinct Liga de Ascenso MX (transformed today into Liga Expansión MX), lasted almost ten months between pushes and pulls, especially because In the negotiations, the interest of Major League Soccer to place him in the new San Diego franchise and the interest of the Arab League intervened.

Obviously, upon hearing that the MLS offered him more money than what he could receive in Mexico, even with the best negotiation, Martín felt tempted to secure his future and his family’s assets, a desire that was reinforced when the offer from Arab football that practically doubled the amount of what America had budgeted to offer its star striker.

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These factors caused the negotiations to become tense, especially because América did not want to increase the offer of its competitors, especially because it was out of its budget and if it accepted, the team’s payroll would skyrocket in order to maintain a squad with so many figures.

However, Martín was prioritizing other aspects and according to corroborated data, it had a lot to do with the fact that on Thursday night he found out that Jaime Lozano was not taking him into account for the Copa América, that 24 hours later his representatives met with the board of directors of America to reach an agreement for the next three years.

Without a doubt, the striker located in sixth position of the historical scorers of the Coapa team, only behind Luis Roberto Alves “Zaguinho”, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Octavio Vial, José Alvés “Zague” and Enrique Borja, analyzed the objectives better and finished betting on sporting achievements rather than greenbacks.

Above all, unofficial versions claim that together with his family he analyzed that moving to Arabia at the age of 31 was a risky bet due to the change in culture for his family and education for his children, so, in the end, he decided to continue fighting to overcome In América, the “Lone Wolf” and Enrique Borja are on the list of all-time scorers, where seven and two goals separate them respectively to make the jump to fourth place of all time.

So Henry Martín will continue wearing the American shirt until the Clausura 2027 tournament, where he will have already had the opportunity to play in his second World Cup in his career and the idea of ​​continuing to achieve sporting goals with the controversial Coapa team.

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