Ignacio Ambriz Rules Out Directing the Mexican National Team out of Respect for Jaime Lozano

Ignacio Ambriz
Ignacio Ambriz (Credit: Getty Images)

For Ignacio Ambriz, current coach of Santos Laguna, at this moment talking about being able to direct the Mexican team would be a lack of respect for Jaime Lozano’s process and for that reason, he was against the idea that at every moment The position of the current Tricolor strategist will be at stake in the Copa América.

In an exclusive conversation, the experienced technical director with experience in America, Chivas, Puebla, León and Huesca of Spain, Toluca, and Santos Laguna, among other teams, highlighted that “the instability of whether or not he remains in office if It is not going well in the Copa América, a large part of all this is generated by the Medes because perhaps things are not going well or because there has just been another hard blow with the United States and we cannot lie, the United States has already surpassed us.

Is the Mexican national team already a daughter of the United States?

I don’t think it’s like that, simply if they have surpassed us, if their group of players who decided to bet, lend, to sell Europe to good players, who they had and who are now a reality, how they compete, who they are, the mental part where they are strong and if before we were two steps up, now we are two steps down, being able to play against Panama and barely being able to beat them 1-0.

But it is not now, I wonder what we have done, there was a good group of players with Vela, Giovanni, and now there is little renewal.

Is it unfair for them to say Jaime Lozano is risking his job in the Copa América?

I think it is part of the business and for me as part of the business and if you are really convinced that he is the coach who will go to the World Cup, why put in the wedge that if he does not pass the Copa América he will leave. I asked the previous two processes when they made a mistake, did they say they were leaving, I didn’t see it, I think we should all be calm, we would all like Mexico to play well, enjoy, and score goals.

But if nothing happened with Mexico in the Copa América and they offered you to coach the national team, would you accept it?

It is a question that if you analyzed it well, could be double-edged, I have to be very respectful. At the time I spoke about selection because there was no coach and he was one of the candidates who interviewed me, that’s why I dared to speak. That’s why I dared to say that I liked it, but today I try to be respectful because today what you ask me is not a reality and it is not true.”

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He also stated: “Because you are talking to me about tomorrow, I don’t know what the truth can happen and right now I can tell you no and tomorrow you tell me, no, no? Didn’t you like him? So today I have to be cautious because Jimmy is confirmed and what I want most is because I know him, because once when I was in León he went to visit me, he stayed to watch my training sessions, we talked.”

And he added: “I remember that he was in charge of the Olympic Team and we had some good talks, I gave him my point of view and today I have not had that approach, but I wish him that everything goes well, that he gets everything he has in mind. his head, the football idea he has, and he is simply working on it. The other is a double-edged question, but today I must be calm.”

Ambriz on this topic, specified that: “Because thank God I have a job in a great institution like Santos, grateful to Alejandro (Irarragorri), Braulio (Rodríguez), with Dante (Elizalde), who looked for me to come and try to put together a project to try to change the team and in the other tournament with two.”

Finally, he expressed that: “Today this is how it is and why am I telling you, they have told me, that they say that Javier recommended you and I’m just saying that there is a coach, especially because at this moment my head is on qualifying with Santos and Jimmy will be busy preparing a competitive team in the Copa América.”

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