Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez Win Great Padel Challenge Before the Copa America

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez
Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez (Credit: Getty Images)

Within the framework of what was the preparation of the Argentine national team to face its debut in the Copa America that will be taking place in the United States against the Canadian national team tonight in the city of Atlanta, went viral on social networks a video in which the captain of the albiceleste, Lionel Messi, is seen playing paddle tennis with his teammate at Inter Miami and member of the Uruguayan national team, Luis Suarez.

The images began to circulate on social networks through the Uruguayan journalists Rafael Coleto and Inaki Chiqui Abadie, who posted on their personal accounts what was a preview of the paddle tennis challenge that faced the team of Messi and Suarez in the city of Miami. “Before the Copa America, they were already champions. Very soon we will upload everything to YouTube,” they announced along with the trailer.

In the first scene, you can see Lionel Messi in the Inter Miami locker room talking to the camera. “Cagon, you didn’t show up. You lost the bet. On Monday you had to play and you didn’t come,” says the Inter Miami forward. In another sequence, Cotelo tells Suárez that there will be a paddle tennis challenge: “I’m going to come with a paddle tennis partner, you come with someone. I bet you your vacation.”

The video takes place with images from before the match and the Cotelo-Abadie couple affirms that there could be incidents given the importance of the game. After that, there are some moments of the match on the padel court and situations that are quite funny, such as the insults of Pistolero Suárez in the face of a mistake, some smash by Messi near the net, and a spectacular fall by the Uruguayan striker in an attempt for saving a ball.

Messi has other sports that he follows and practices

In addition to soccer, paddle tennis is one of Messi’s favorite sports, who had already played it when he was a player for the Barcelona Football Club years ago and also sharing the field with Suárez in the house that the 10 has in Casteldefels. Leo also took classes with Pepe Sousa, who was a teacher of his friend and former teammate on the Argentina national team, Sergio Kun Agüero.

“The best padel player in history,” were the words with which the account Messi Xtra (@M30Xtra) described the video, which uploaded the video in which Messi, dressed In a blue shirt, finishes twice close to the net. In another scene of the audiovisual material, the world champion is seen quite upset and in the last scene, he ends up celebrating with his partner. “The legend and Suárez playing paddle tennis,” says the publication that caused a surprise on the networks.

Recently, in an interview that the Rosario star held with his nephew Tomás in the streaming program ‘Ready for Everything’, Messi revealed in which sport he does not consider himself good enough. Tennis is a sporting discipline where the Argentine does not have the same skill as in paddle tennis or football, but he considered that in paddle tennis he tries to pass the ball as best he can and that when it comes to hitting he does not have the best technique, but He loves to compete and win.

“Tennis, which is more difficult. You have to know how to play well because it is very technical. I tried many years ago and Antonela and I went to a couple of classes, but I don’t know how to play it. Hitting is different compared to paddle tennis, which I’m not good at, but I like to play. I try to pass it as best I can, I run and I don’t give up a ball for lost, but when it comes to hitting I’m not technical or anything. I just try to return it and pass it,” Leo said.

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