Unstoppable: Lionel Messi was Named Player of the Month in the MLS

Unstoppable: Lionel Messi was named Player of the Month in the MLS
Lionel Messi (Credit: Getty Images)

Since recovering from his injury, Lionel Messi is unstoppable in the MLS. After his return, he has played 4 games and already has 3 awards from the North American league, the most recent was announced this Tuesday and distinguishes him as the Player of the Month.

The Argentine star played four games in April and made the most of them, scoring six goals and giving four assists.

Inter Miami scored 12 goals in April and 10 of them were signed by Messi whether he scored or assisted.

In total, Messi has nine goals that place him as the top scorer in the MLS so far this season.

This led him to win the Best Player of the Matchday award in the last two weeks, something he had not achieved all season.

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In addition, the genius from Rosario took over as player of the month in the MLS from a teammate of his: the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, who won this award in February/March (since the 2024 season began in the second half of February, the League did not recognize the best player of that month and grouped him with March).

Currently, the Grazas are leaders of the Eastern Conference with 21 points after 11 games. In their next game, Inter Miami will host the New York Red Bulls this Saturday, who are third in the same conference with 17 points after 10 games.

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