Rafael Nadal eager to compete in Paris 2024

Rafael Nadal eager to compete in Paris 2024
Rafael Nadal (Credit: Getty Images)

The adventure of the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros has been quite short but very intense without a doubt, only playing one match, but against a rival of the level of play of Alexander Zverev, the number four in the world and with few matches left. his back, this is a result of the constant injuries he has had to deal with since last season. The same ones that forced him to put an end to the circuit earlier than planned, tournaments this year and to put on the table the possibility of retiring.

However, not everything has been negative for Nadal, since making his debut in Paris helped him regain sensations, and gain motivation and the most impressive thing has been that Nadal has opened the door to a season next year; the Spanish “is ready for more.”

Nadal is still hungry to compete and win

Nadal arrived at the Paris event with a clear mind that this might not be the definitive Roland Garros in his career. “As I said, there is a good chance that this will be my last Roland Garros, but if I have to say one hundred percent that it is the last, I’m sorry, but I won’t do it; I can’t predict what’s going to happen. “I don’t want to close the door 100%.”

And the truth is that he was right. A match full of action, emotion, and high competitiveness where he had to face the number four in the world has restored Rafa’s enthusiasm despite the result. However, from now on everything seems to indicate that Nadal has reached the stage where he knows which battles to fight and which not to fight.

The next big event on the Spanish tennis player’s calendar is Wimbledon, although the truth is that Nadal is not 100% clear that he will participate in it. But there is a possibility that Nadal could return to land in the Olympic Games, although this is not defined either, especially due to the fact that Nadal should analyze the transition of the playing field, something that could affect him and much more currently with the whole issue of his injuries.

“It’s difficult to transition to grass with the Olympics right after. I have to analyze, but I don’t think it is the smartest thing for me after everything my body has suffered,” he said after the match against Alexander Zverev.

Objective: Olympic Games, but optimally physically

Regardless of what he decides to do with the English tournament, Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal wants to be back in Paris in a couple of months to compete in the current year’s Olympic Games that will be held in the aforementioned city. He “hopes to arrive well prepared.” Despite this, the Spaniard is fully aware of the limitations that arise around the Olympic event.

“If I can get there physically better than today and having felt that I have been training for another month and a half, I will come with the necessary confidence to enjoy myself and give myself opportunities.” There is still just over a month until the Paris 2024 Olympic Games begin.

“That motivates me. I hope to be well prepared,” said the Spanish tennis player. However, he keeps all options on the table and he has not opted 100% for any of them. Nadal is willing to adjust the calendar to try to arrive in the best physical shape for the Olympic Games. To try to demonstrate why he has fourteen Roland Garros in his record, why he has won two Olympic gold medals, and why he has been the best tennis player in the world.

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