Robert Dante Siboldi Rejects the Crucifixion Against Goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán

Robert Dante Siboldi rejects the crucifixion against goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán
Robert Dante Siboldi (Credit: Getty Images)

Faced with strong criticism against the Tigres goalkeeper, Nahuel Guzmán, by several former Mexican soccer players and coaches such as Luis Hernández and Hugo Sánchez, among others, the coach of the feline squad, Robert Dante Siboldi, came out in defense of the goalkeeper for his unsportsmanlike action in the last royal classic that earned him an eleven-game suspension and explained that these comments are out of place because everyone has something to hide.

Siboldi was upset by these actions of former professional colleagues, both on the field and on the bench, arguing that the excessive freedom that some former footballers enjoy, both as analysts and people who know what a locker room represents, is often forgetting the codes that are used in football and for that reason they find it incredible that the player is crucified.

“People from the media, football networks, if they don’t know him, they can give their opinion, sometimes what hurts the most are the exes, the ex-football players, who give their opinion freely without knowing him, they know what happens on the field, they know what happens in the entire football environment, and sometimes they give their opinion completely freely because they have no one who can punish them as if they had no one.”

He also stated: “I always say this old saying, as if no one had a dead person in their closet: “We all have a dead person in our closet.” And there many of those who spoke have more than one, and so they took advantage of that. That’s my personal opinion. So, I want to think that there is no harassment, but there has been a lot of unrest with the achievements that this club has had, in fact in recent years, so I do believe in that.”

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As will be remembered, last Thursday Nahuel Guzmán was suspended 11 games for his unsportsmanlike conduct when he harassed Monterrey goalkeeper Esteban Andrada with a laser light according to article 18 of the sanctions regulations of the Mexican Football Federation, he merited that sanction for those around the Tigers was described as too severe.

For Siboldi the sanction is exaggerated

On the other hand, and within the defense of “Patón” Nahuel Guzmán, the Tigres coach, Robert Dante Siboldi described the controversial Argentine goalkeeper as “noble” and a “good person” who in the last 135th edition of the royal classic He incurred an unsportsmanlike attitude against his Monterrey colleague, Esteban Andrada.

“The position is what the institution had, to abide by the disposition of the Disciplinary Commission. Whether we share it or not, it seems excessive, but we confirm it and accept the sanction, as ruled by the authorities of the Mexican Football Federation. At this moment, we are trying to assimilate everything so that mainly the person of Nahuel, not the footballer, the person, who is calm and well, continues with his rehabilitation.”

To give more emphasis to the defense of the Tigres goalkeeper, Siboldi stated: “ He himself apologized, we see him very sorry, hurt and sad, he is undoubtedly sorry for what he did, aware of what he did, he is a boy “Who has a very noble soul.”

Siboldi also acknowledged that: “I think that many times he does not magnify the image of a public person that he has and that is why he incurs these types of actions, but obviously he will have to assume the consequences of his act with the support of the entire team.”

The Tigres strategist, on the same topic, pointed out that: “That is not Nahuel, I feel that it is not him, he is a very noble person and a great boy, as a professional, a winner and leader, dedicated and passionate, he seeks the way in which it is convenient to always win, there are people who don’t like it and others who do, like everything in life, everything is learning as I told you, realizing the magnitude of our actions which can trigger, continue forward, prepare for the next tournament.”

Rejected arbitration persecution

Finally, coach Robert Dante Siboldi rejected that after all these acts that involved Tigres and where he also got a one-game suspension, as did Javier Aquino with two games, there is arbitration persecution against the cats.

“I don’t know if there is persecution, but I do believe that this team has generated a lot of discomfort in these years, they were waiting for a setback to grab hold of that and take advantage. Sometimes the fan who doesn’t know can give their opinion on those things, sometimes yourselves,” she concluded.

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