Spain Thrashes Luka Modric’s Croatia 3-0 at the start of Euro 2024

Spain vs Croatia
Spain vs Croatia (Credit: Getty Images)

Spain beat Croatia (3-0) in their debut match at Euro 2024, using a spectacular first half, which allowed Luis de la Fuente’s team to go into half-time with a three-goal lead. Álvaro Morata opened the scoring in the 29th minute, after a great assist from Fabián Ruiz, which left the Colchonero striker one-on-one against Livakovic in a counterattack.

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A few minutes later, Fabián himself, who had an outstanding performance, extended the lead for his team after a great individual action. The PSG midfielder left two rivals on the edge of the area, with little space, and scored low to beat the Balkan goalkeeper. Dani Carvajal joined the party and scored the third shortly before the break after a great serve from Lamine Yamal. In the second half, the only bad news for Spain was presented in its debut, when Morata and Rodri came off the bench with physical discomfort, although they do not appear to be serious injuries.

The Spanish team began by slightly dominating a match that in the first minutes involved a lot of study. A mid-range shot was the first arrival from the Spanish team in the first 7 minutes of the game. But it did not represent any problem for the goal defended by Dominik Livakovic.

Even though Croatia was gaining more and more firmness on the field, Spain capitalized on a great play. In the 29th minute, Álvaro Morata received a great through ball from Fabián Ruiz that the Atlético Madrid player was able to define to make it 1-0.

Three minutes later, Fabián Ruiz would take off his assistant’s suit and put on his scorer’s suit. In a great individual play that started on the edge of the area, Ruiz launched a great shot from his left foot that gave the Spanish team a partial 2-0 in the 31st minute.

When it seemed that they were going to go into half-time with a partial 2-0, Spain gave a strong attack with 20 seconds left before the end of the first half. Lamine Yamal launched a great cross that was anticipated by Dani Carvajal. The Real Madrid player made the score 3-0.

In the match, everything went well for the Spanish team. Croatia had to score a quick goal to get them back into the game. However, in the 55th minute, a play was generated that showed that luck was not on the Croatian side. Up to two shots were stopped near the goal line and kept the score at zero.

At minute 77, a controversial play arose inside the area. Almost with the goal unguarded, Bruno Petkovic was knocked down inside the area by Rodri Hernández. The main judge signaled a penalty and gave the Spanish footballer a yellow card.

Petkovic himself made the charge but was saved by Unaí Simón. However, in a second play, Ivan Perisic left the ball open for Petkovic to score the Croatian goal. However, the goal was annulled due to Perisic’s invasion before his teammate’s charge.

Luka Modric received a warm hug from his teammates Nacho and Carvajal from Real Madrid before the teams took the field.

Croatia will have to recover from this hard blow against Albania in the next round. For its part, Spain must endorse what was done in this match in its next duel against Italy. Both games will be on Thursday, June 20.

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