Technology in Refereeing the Euro Cup 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Euro Cup 2024
Euro Cup 2024 (Credit: Getty Images)

UEFA will have new guidelines as part of the regulations that will be applied in Euro 2024, using the experiences used in the English Premier League as a basis. UEFA established new regulatory guidelines to apply in Euro 2024, using the experiences used in the English Premier League as a basis.


In the first instance, it was decided to implement the use of simplified VAR, with semi-automated technology that offers better and greater accuracy and allows a much faster and more efficient review for offsides and online goals. It also has a total of 12 cameras installed under the stadium roof that will be able to capture all the movements of the ball and up to 29 data points of each player, 50 times per second, to calculate their exact positions on the playing field. The 29 points compiled will include the limbs and body parts that are taken into account to signal an offside.

It should be noted that, for this edition of the continental championship, the new smart ball from Adidas called “Fussballliebe” (which means “love of football” in German) will be used, which will have in its center a decisive element for detecting positions. irregularities that are controversial, doubtful, or if the ball completely entered the goal: an inertial measurement unit (IMU). This sensor, which is located in the center of the ball, sends a data packet 500 times per second to the VAR room, which allows its judges to detect with absolute precision the exact moment in which it is hit. the ball.

With the mixture of data from tracking the limbs of the players who live on the field of play and the ball, and through artificial intelligence, the new technology provides an automatic warning to the video room whenever a ball is received. attacker who was in an illegal position at the time his teammate played the ball.

The video referee team will then manually check the precise moment of the hit that the data has provided, as well as the offside line also created automatically and, it will be based on the positions of the limbs of the player that the system has calculated, in less than 50 seconds all the answers will be obtained and can be visualized in a 3D system.

At what point is three-dimensional animation generated? Once the head referee has fully confirmed the decision, the same position data used to make the decision will then generate a three-dimensional animation that perfectly details the position of the player’s body parts at the time of contact with the ball. This technology determined the smallest number of members of the VAR team (three), and the VOR rooms will be centralized in Leipzig, from where the reviews will take place.

New disciplinary implementations

To prevent the players from surrounding or harassing the judge in the event of a conflict, they must be reprimanded, and it has been ruled that only the captain of each of the teams is the one who has the authority to address the match authority by any resolution made by the arbitration team.

It was added to the guideline that, if the captain were your goalkeeper, then a teammate could be nominated so that he could appear in front of the main judge, who must be communicated in advance to the match authorities.

Hand violation

The subjectivity that is observed by the referee will continue in the process of making the decision whether or not it was an infraction, but they must consider precise guidelines. The player who:

1- Touch the ball voluntarily with your hand or arm, for example, making an unnatural movement in the direction of the ball (hand/arm searches for the ball).

2- Touch the ball with your hand or arm when the hand or arm is positioned unnaturally and causes the body to take up more space.

It will then be considered that a player has managed to make his body take up more space in an unnatural way when the position of his hand or arm is not a consequence of the movement of his body in that special action or cannot be justified by said movement. By placing his hand or arm in this position, the player risks the ball hitting that part of his body and this would constitute an infraction.

3- Score a goal in the opponent’s goal, even though it comes from accidental and natural contact.

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