The Incredible Story of Juan Pablo Montoya, a documentary series

The Incredible Story of Juan Pablo Montoya
Juan Pablo Montoya (Credit: Getty Images)

The illustrious career of Colombian pilot Juan Pablo Montoya will be brought to a documentary series.

The project will delve into the achievements of Montoya, who left his fearless mark on top-level competitions in Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, CART, and F300, among others.

In addition to chronicling Montoya’s spectacular career, the documentary series will also focus on his life after retiring and his dedication as a mentor to his son’s emerging career.

The powerful production company Ntertain Studios, which has produced fascinating Hispanic narratives such as Los Montaner and La Firma, announced that filming will begin very soon.

History and inspiration

“Sharing my story with Ntertain is a privilege,” Montoya told the press. “I think it’s great that people know where I come from, what I’ve done and learned,” he added.

Montoya added that one of the aspects that most encouraged him to embark on this project is the desire for his story to inspire not only motorsports fans but anyone who believes in pursuing their dreams against all obstacles.

The series will be directed by Fernando Villena and produced by Lex Borrero and Santiago Zapata, in co-production with Mariano Zabaleta (Summa Sports & Entertainment), Dubraska Arias (Rockefeller), Jonathan Wil and Hernán Salama (Scarpetta Media).

“As we expand our sports portfolio, Ntertain Studios continues to highlight the dynamic stories of Latin talent that resonate globally,” said Borrero, CEO of Ntertain Studios.

“Juan Pablo Montoya’s journey is not just about racing; “It is a powerful narrative of dedication and legacy,” he added.

Among the great feats of Montoya, 48, are the triplet (2007, 2008, and 2013) of the 24 Hours of Daytona and twice (2000 and 2015) of the Indianapolis 500, perhaps the most famous automobile race in the world. world.

He won a total of seven Grand Prix in F1, occupied the podium 30 times, and achieved first position 13 times. He was third in 2002 and 2003 with Williams and fourth in 2005 with McLaren.

Montoya without filter

Montoya is currently joining a new show produced by the newspaper As Colombia in collaboration with W Radio, in which the former driver covers his career on the tracks, anecdotes, and current events in F1.

This space can give a perspective of what the documentary series will be since Montoya is a frontal person who expresses his opinions with complete freedom, even if some of them are not liked.

“I really liked the idea when it was proposed to me because it is a way to educate and make known what happens inside the races,” said the driver.

“There will be controversial topics, I have no filter. What I see, I tell,” he stressed.

Many consider Montoya to be the best Colombian athlete of all time and he is also recognized as one of the main promoters of motorsports among Latin American fans.

“Juan Pablo Montoya was my first contact with motorsport and that of many Colombians,” said Zapata.

“What has inspired me most about Montoya, however, is his never-give-up attitude and his determination to succeed against any obstacle,” he said.

Zapata also highlighted that the documentary series will be a story of perseverance and commitment to a profession that will excite audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Passion from the cradle

Son of an architect and racing driver, Juan Pablo boarded a car for the first time when he was three months old, when his father, after winning a race, sat him next to him on the way back from the celebration. This scene would be repeated in the future and perhaps that was where his passion for motorsport was impregnated.

At the end of the 1970s, Montoya ventured into karting and became national champion in Colombia. In the 1980s he shone with karts and in the following decade, he began to compete at a higher stage.

In 1998, Montoya won the Formula 3000 championship and the way was opened for him to professionalism at the highest level.

Since then, the former Colombian pilot has not stopped triumphing and the documentary series will collect all the details of that extraordinary journey.

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